Two new songs have been published at Shahab Tolouie’s youtube channel.

“My Lost Smile”
The main theme of the song is played on both Guitar & Persian Setar (triple neck fusetar), while semi-acoustic fretless bass holds the groove. The use of the little chain and coins on the 1st bass string is a very interesting creativity, which adds a tambourine-like sound to the overall sound.
Shahab Tolouie composed this song about 15 years ago and by time he made some minor changes to the main theme, which was previously written for quintet. This is the short version of the song for demonstration purposes and the main (full length) song will be released officially on the upcoming album “Terra Mediterranea”

“Cafeteria by Vltava”
By Shahab: I got the 1st impressions of this song while at a cafeteria by Vltava River in Prague back in 2009. Since then we performed this piece live at concerts.

Shahab Tolouie — guitar, triple-neck FuseTar & vocal
Jan Urbanec — semi-acoustic fretless bass

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