This year the 4th Iranian Film Festival in Prague will feature Shahab Tolouie Duo during its special Night of Music and Film

Held on 8th of January from 7.30p.m. in the Royal theatre, Vinohradska 48, the evening is composed of a Persian & Flamenco fusion guitar concert performed by Shahab Tolouie and Jan Urbanec.

The second part of the evening is dedicated to poetic meditation on love and death in contemporary Tehran, in the screening of The Last Step movie (1988) by Ali Mosaffa. Tickets available at theater’s box office or on-line

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2014 Poster Trio with Habiboo Just two weeks from now, we are delighted to invite you to the first Prarue concert of Shahab Tolouie and his long-term fellow musician/friend Jan Urbanec on semi-acoustic fretless bass. Together they formed the 1st “Shahab Tolouie trio” in 2008 and now, after years, they’re sharing the stage again with new songs and news tight arrangements. Exceptional guest of Prague’s debut will be Iranian percussionist from France Habiboo Boushehri, well known through his cooperation with Jorge Pardo, Adnan Joubran or Azam Ali… On 30th August festival “Barevna Devitka” invites you to a short performance of the trio. On 5th September you can enjoy 2 hours music journey of Shahab Tolouie, Jan Urbanec and their guest Habiboo Boushehri at JazzDock. On 6th September join band’s musical trip in Usti nad Labem – festival “Barevna Planeta” Thanks for you support. See you soon.

As promised from now on we publish new series of videos at Shahab Tolouie’s YouTube Channel. You can find them under “Guitar Lessons” playlist. (Subscribe to this channel to get notifications about new videos).

Twice a month Shahab will explain how to play a particular song of his and will answer questions. Fans had chosen the songs, so, you can also try to play or ask for a video lesson of your favorite song.
The first song is ‘Cafeteria by Vltava” which was written in Prague years back. This instrumental composition suits the compass of flamenco “Tangos” with some slight changes in compas in chorus section of the song.

Please, note that these videos are “how-to play a particular song” only. They are neither the beginner’s level, nor are they meant to teach the guitar techniques. You need to know certain guitar techniques in prior to be able to play these guitar pieces and songs.
Please help us to improve these videos by sharing your opinions.
Let us know what you’d expect to see in upcoming videos.
PART 1/3

PART 2/3

Two new songs have been published at Shahab Tolouie’s youtube channel.

“My Lost Smile”
The main theme of the song is played on both Guitar & Persian Setar (triple neck fusetar), while semi-acoustic fretless bass holds the groove. The use of the little chain and coins on the 1st bass string is a very interesting creativity, which adds a tambourine-like sound to the overall sound.
Shahab Tolouie composed this song about 15 years ago and by time he made some minor changes to the main theme, which was previously written for quintet. This is the short version of the song for demonstration purposes and the main (full length) song will be released officially on the upcoming album “Terra Mediterranea”

“Cafeteria by Vltava”
By Shahab: I got the 1st impressions of this song while at a cafeteria by Vltava River in Prague back in 2009. Since then we performed this piece live at concerts.

Shahab Tolouie — guitar, triple-neck FuseTar & vocal
Jan Urbanec — semi-acoustic fretless bass

As Internet technologies rapidly developing and opening more possibilities, we try to use the most advanced ones to bring you news in a very comfortable manner.  Now, with your help, we hope to transform our YouTube channel into band’s broadcasting platform where you will find fresh dose of information: directly from rehearsal room when arranging new material, Shahab promised to take you on the road, to do sound-check together, watch his concert from the back-stage and maybe to cook together and look at who will come to see the band off.

To be part of music adventures, you can subscribe to Shahab Tolouie’s official YouTube channel and get notified about new videos. And if you prefer to receive further information about tour dates and other releases, you can also subscribe to mailing list directly through this website. Discussions and questions will be answered in the guest book.

At the very beginning of the year we’d like to answer some major questions fans & friends asked us the most. We hope not only it will answer your numerous questions on this theme, but also will navigate to some digital distribution shops with the lowest prices in your region.
• How to download Shahab’s music
• Where to buy digital MP3/physical CD
• Possible cost per track/album
• And why it is not available for free

As any active Internet user knows, the biggest on-line music platforms these days are the iTunes (88 countries) and Amazon (66 countries). Both of them distribute Shahab’s music. Each song in mp3 format at a price of $0,99. Full album ‘Tango Perso” in mp3 is only for $6,93.
If you prefer to buy a physical CD (digipak with colorful booklet containing lyrics in Persian and English) there are two best ways:
• Directly from the store on our web site, where you pay through pay-pal totally $20,99 for the CD and shipment around the Globe. NO registration required.
• “CD Baby” Internet music shop proposes the best price for physical CD in the USA. Final international price depends on country of recipient.
There are other 30+ shops worldwide to stream and buy Shahab Tolouie’s music on-line. Their final bill will be almost the same except a small note here: in some Internet shops better to mention supplier’s currency but not your domestic valuta otherwise, as we know from experience, you could be charged up to 5% exchange rate in addition to your bank change.

Dear fans and friends, as for sure you know we’ve made the “listen-only” mp3’s (lower quality than the original) available online, so you can “try before buy”. When listening to free mp3’s please remember, by buying the music you support your favorite artist, and give them the possibility to record and release more new music for you.

Atlas Music.

This is new interview with Shahab Tolouie (شهاب طلوعی) for weekly music show by Behzad Bolour (بهزاد بلور) – Bolour Banafsh (بلور بنفش). Produced and broadcasted by BBC Persian TV.

(with English and Russian captions)

The movie was recorded in Prague at the beginning of May 2013.  It slightly opens the creative process of the new album “Terra Mediterranea”, which is set for release this autumn. Besides of listening to several samples of new music, you get to meet Shahab’s band members and pry about recording of the song “My Lost Smile” in studio. At the same time there is a fresh look on Prague’s musical and historical attractions such as: John Lennon Wall, Vltava River, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Lavka, Kampa and Lovers Bridge. (more…)

The song Rainforest, also known by the names of Raining Forest or Jangale Barani, was released yesterday. It has become a favorite track with many people after a live performance on BBC TV (2009). Due to high demand, it’s been chosen as the debut single before the full release of new album “Terra Mediterranea”.

Rainforest emphasizes the problem of deforestation of tropical forests around the World. All the facts say that we are losing vast tracts of one of the Earth’s greatest biological treasures. Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth’s land surface; now they cover a mere 6%. If deforestation continues at its current rates, scientists estimate nearly 80 to 90% of tropical rainforest ecosystems will have been destroyed by the year 2020. (more…)

Hi everybody!  K.O.  K.O. Game is Over
As we promised through Shahab’s Facebook Fan page, the contest is finally here. The first of you to send us the correct name of the song, which will be the debut release of the album, will get this song as a free mp3 on the day of the official release. Write your answer, with your name and contact, as a comment to this article.