Hi everybody!  K.O.  K.O. Game is Over
As we promised through Shahab’s Facebook Fan page, the contest is finally here. The first of you to send us the correct name of the song, which will be the debut release of the album, will get this song as a free mp3 on the day of the official release. Write your answer, with your name and contact, as a comment to this article.

Which of these five tracks from Shahab’s next CD “Terra Mediteranea” will be released as a single?

1. Terra Mediterranea 
2. Rain in forest
3. Fatman Rhapsody
4. New Traditions
5. Rainforest


 Everyone has only one attempt at the correct answer, so do not submit five songs in five messages, only your first answer will be counted. (Try some other tricks, this one is old) 😉
Do not write your answer on Facebook, Youtube or any other of Shahab’s profiles. (I mean seriously) 🙂
The winner will be the first of you who sends the right answer!
If you provide a wrong email address or other contact and we cannot reach you, your answer will be disqualified.

Good Luck!!!!
K.O.  K.O. Game is Over
The absolute Winner is: SARA
The game supposed to have one winner, but Masoud tried too much and too good. so the 2nd winner is MASOUD
Congratulations for being the first ones to hear the new single from our album. you’ll receive an email with the MP3 tomorrow during the day.

We release the song “Rainforest” tomorrow at Radio Farda – 6pm CET. 8:30 pm Iranian Time

8 Responses so far.

  1. Masoud says:

    Rain in forest(Raining FOrest)

  2. Veronika says:

    Terra Mediterranea

  3. Arsalan Safaii says:

    New Traditions

  4. Arsalan Safai says:

    New Traditions

  5. Donya Mardani says:

    Fatman Rhapsody

  6. hamed says:

    Fatman Rhapsody

  7. Sara says:


  8. Masood says:

    New Traditions

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