As promised from now on we publish new series of videos at Shahab Tolouie’s YouTube Channel. You can find them under “Guitar Lessons” playlist. (Subscribe to this channel to get notifications about new videos).

Twice a month Shahab will explain how to play a particular song of his and will answer questions. Fans had chosen the songs, so, you can also try to play or ask for a video lesson of your favorite song.
The first song is ‘Cafeteria by Vltava” which was written in Prague years back. This instrumental composition suits the compass of flamenco “Tangos” with some slight changes in compas in chorus section of the song.

Please, note that these videos are “how-to play a particular song” only. They are neither the beginner’s level, nor are they meant to teach the guitar techniques. You need to know certain guitar techniques in prior to be able to play these guitar pieces and songs.
Please help us to improve these videos by sharing your opinions.
Let us know what you’d expect to see in upcoming videos.
PART 1/3

PART 2/3

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