The song Rainforest, also known by the names of Raining Forest or Jangale Barani, was released yesterday. It has become a favorite track with many people after a live performance on BBC TV (2009). Due to high demand, it’s been chosen as the debut single before the full release of new album “Terra Mediterranea”.

Rainforest emphasizes the problem of deforestation of tropical forests around the World. All the facts say that we are losing vast tracts of one of the Earth’s greatest biological treasures. Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth’s land surface; now they cover a mere 6%. If deforestation continues at its current rates, scientists estimate nearly 80 to 90% of tropical rainforest ecosystems will have been destroyed by the year 2020.

Song has been mixed and mastered at Studio Faust Records
mixing engineer: Derek Saxenmeyer

I am the rainforest air
I am the Spirit of Autumn, fully naked
My story that of canaries
Imprisoned in the air of exhaustion

Spring is on its way, and I think about the open leaves of tomorrow.
Without you I’m in danger of perishing
Sometimes you make me smile like the sun
Sometimes you make me cry like a cloud
But when can I join your infinite existence?

Persian lyrics:

سرگذشتم با قناریها یکیست

در حصار خستگی زندانیم.

میرسد از ره بهار و باز من

فکر فرداهای برگ افشانی

بی تو من در معرض ویرانیم

گاه میخندانیم چون آفتاب

گاه همچون ابر می گریانیم

پس چه وقت ای بیکران می خوانیم؟

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