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Studuj se zakladatelem stylu EthnoFlamenco (persko-španělská fúze) přímo v centru Prahy.
Lekce jsou vhodné i pro začátečníky a mírně pokročilé (základní techniky a rytmus).

Adresa: studio INFLUENCIA, Klimentská 34, Praha 1
Kontakt: +420 — 728 673 568

vyuka hry na kytaru - Praha

We are delighted to announce the international release of “Let Me Die”, both as single and videoclip. The song has been composed by Shahab Tolouie at the beginning of 2017. The lyrics is a beautiful ghazal by the prominent Iranian contemporary poet, lyricist and activist, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature, the late Simin Behbahani, whose birthday is on July 19th.
This is not the first time Shahab chooses ghazal to blend in with his distinguish Persian-flamenco fusion. He has already shown his capacity of organically connecting this important Iranian form of poetry from such musters as Hafez Shirazi and Moulana Rumi into his music style.
This time a more contemporary form of ghazal by Mrs. Behbahani inspired a new compositional experiments, where music is based on 7/8 guitar and bass groove with very distinctive short strokes to accentuate the start/stops which occasionally switches to 4/4 with the same tone for the singing part.
One of the earliest reviews says: “Shahab once again put his music to the brink of danger to create a moment in art to remember” — Mohammad Zarghami, journalist at Radio Farda.
Shahab has composed the music, sang the lead vocal and played on triple-neck guitar, 12 string guitar and drums.
The song features well known Iranian musician Habib Meftah Boushehri on — percussions and back vocals, as well as the band members: Tomáš Vychytil on electric guitar, Gavrilo Aleksič on electric bass and Tokhi on percussions. All the band members took part also in the videoclip.
Use Shahab’s official youtube channel to watch the video:

Jully 19th, tir 28th by Persian calendar, is set as the release date for Shahab’s new song “Let Me Die” that was composed at the beginning of this year and performed live for the first time at Nowruz 2017 celebration concert in Prague.
the track features the well known Iranian percussionist Habib Meftah Boushehri on percussions and back vocal, as well as the band members. the videoclip has been shot in Prague.
visit our website on July 19th and be amongst the first who watches and listens to this beautiful song.
As of now, here are some pictures from shooting day:
Let Me Die song - video recording

We’d like to thank everyone who spent their evening on March 24th with us to greet the arrival of Spring 2017 and the Persian New Year.
To revive the warm memories of this unforgettable musical experience as well as the taste of traditional Persian delicacies, please go through the gallery below. Looking forward to seeing you soon again in the upcoming concerts.

Shahab Tolouie, Marta Topferova, Carlo Zegarra

Shahab Tolouie, Marta Topferova, Carlo Zegarra

Shahab Tolouie

Shahab Tolouie

Petra Stastna, Marta Topferova, Tomas Vychytil, Tokhi, Shahab Tolouie, Carlo Zegarra, Garvilo Alexic, Arturo Soriano

Petra Stastna, Marta Topferova, Tomas Vychytil, Tokhi, Shahab Tolouie, Carlo Zegarra, Garvilo Alexic, Arturo Soriano

Petra Stastna, Marta Topferova, Tomas Vychytil, Tokhi, Shahab Tolouie, Carlo Zegarra, Garvilo Alexic, Arturo Soriano

Petra Stastna, Marta Topferova, Tomas Vychytil, Tokhi, Shahab Tolouie, Carlo Zegarra, Garvilo Alexic, Arturo Soriano

Martha Elefteriadu, Shahab Tolouie, Pavel Ryba, Carlo Zegarra

Martha Elefteriadu, Shahab Tolouie, Pavel Ryba, Carlo Zegarra



We’d like to invite you to Prague’s Theatre U Hasičů (Římská 45, Prague 2) on March 24th, where at 7:30pm We’ll celebrate the Persian New Year 1396 and the Spring Equinox 2017.
During the evening you’ll get to enjoy the passionate yet mystical Persian-Flamenco fusion brought to by internationally renowned Iranian musician Shahab Tolouie & his band:
Tomáš Vychytil (CZE) guitars
Gavrilo Alexich (YUG) bass
Tokhi Krupa (CZE) percussions

Special guest of the evening is the wonderful singer of Latin American folk Marta Töpferová, accompanied by Venezuelan guitarist Ernesto Chuecos.
Other very interesting guest musicians of the evening are:
Martha Elefteriadu (GRC)phenomenal Greek singer.
Arturo Soriano (ESP)on flute and saxophone.
Pavel J. Ryba (CZE)on bass
Carlo Zegarra (PER) on percussions.
Martin Ivan (SVK)on bass.

Petra Šťasná and her rigorous flamenco dance will add beauty and passion to the evening.
At the concert you will also see and hear the unique triple-neck FuseTar that was named by the media as a jewel in the world of musical instruments.

This year Spring Equinox celebration and Persian New Year takes place also in Brno on 22nd March at Metro music club (Poštovská 6, Alfa-Pasáž, Brno).
Guest of the evening is the Brno based Czech/Iranian band “The Entropies” who will start at 8pm.
Shahab Tolouie Quartet goes on stage at around 9pm.
Facebook event:

poster-2017On the occasion of the Persian New Year 1396 and Spring 2017, we would love to invite you to Prague’s theatre “U Hasičů” on March 24th at 19:30.

Now we have a limited holidays presale that lasts to the end of December 2016 with (10% off) for those who purchase any number of tickets either at “U Hasičů” box office or by email:

As all our previous Nowruz celebrations, the evening will be based on music, singing and dance. Shahab’s new program, especially prepared for the New Year is the guarantee for uniqueness of the event. Also a number of amazing guest musicians will share the stage and play together for the first time on this occasion. Among them the Czech singer Marta Töpferová is a very familiar name indeed.

Don’t forget that the special offer is valid only to the end of December.

Tickets are available from 250Kc at the box office.


Summer is here, warm up shows are over and now we‘re about to hit the road with some serious massive sound for you.
We have new schedules and venues where you can enjoy this festival season and Shahab’s performances as special guest for the well-known DnB band N.O.H.A.
As mentioned before, they are going to shake the stage at various European cities during the whole summer.
So, the major events for June:
4.6. – the massive sounding tour-bus continues to Hradec Kralove in continuation of the RedBull concert series. This Bus brings the taste of ‘Rock for People‘ festival to the biggest Czech cities”.
13.6. – The show will go on to Franciscan monastery in Northern Czech city Kadan.
20.6. – MichalFest – the opening of the multi-genre festival taking place in fascinating ancient structures of “Dul Michal“ in Michalovice.
28.6. – “Wild Mint festival” one of the biggest rock, world and jazz music festivals in Russia which takes place near Tula city, on the banks of river Oka.
While you are writing down in your calendar how to get to any of the events mentioned above, here are some pictures from previous concerts.
2015 with Noha in Brno_22
2015 with Noha in Brno_082015 with Noha in Brno_21

The hottest time of the year has already begun. Most festival lineups have been finalized and announced, and now we can invite you to get a taste of Shahab’s Middle Eastern guitar riffs during his guest appearances with the international ethno-bass band N.O.H.A. Sure you know them by their hit “Tu Café” (2008)
The opening concert already took place in Brno (Czech Republic) on May 13th (Vankovka fest) for approximately 2500 attenders.
At the end of the month there’ll be two grand opening concerts at the RedBull fest.
It’s worth noting that the state of the art, fully equipped stages of this event are placed on the rooftop of an old bus.
There are going to be many more performances in Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Russia, Romania and Slovakia and more dates will be added soon.
You can find more detailed information in the “appearances” section of this web site. See you soon!

Shahab Tolouie Royal Dear fans & friends, we will celebrate the arrival of spring (Persian New Year) and return of the sun with Shahab Tolouie and his amazing friends/musicians. The band shares positive energy, emotion, enthusiasm and joy of music with the audience while accompanied by special guest appearance of Black Light theatre ballerina.

There are not many better ways to cheer the arrival of spring as we traditionally did in our previous concerts at ABC and U Hasicu theatres with spectacular guests such as David Koller, Radim Hladik, Jiri Srnec and Pavel Ryba.

We will be grateful to have you amongst us.
• Shahab Tolouie – triple-neck guitar, vocal
• Tomas Vychytil – 2nd guitar
• Jan Urbanec – semi-acoustic fretless bass
• Martin Ivan – doublebass, electric bass
• Tomas Reindl – percussions
• Adela Srncova – dance

28.3.2015 – at 19:30 Royal Theater, Vinohradska 48, Prague 2

Tickets available at: Ticketportal and SMSTickets

Production team:  Atlas Music & Iraninan Film Festival
Artistic Diector: Shahab Tolouie & Kaveh Daneshmand
Production Manager: Natalia Boiko & Andrea Svobodova

Club “travellers“ will take care of the stylish oriental food and drinks.