Summer is here, warm up shows are over and now we‘re about to hit the road with some serious massive sound for you.
We have new schedules and venues where you can enjoy this festival season and Shahab’s performances as special guest for the well-known DnB band N.O.H.A.
As mentioned before, they are going to shake the stage at various European cities during the whole summer.
So, the major events for June:
4.6. – the massive sounding tour-bus continues to Hradec Kralove in continuation of the RedBull concert series. This Bus brings the taste of ‘Rock for People‘ festival to the biggest Czech cities”.
13.6. – The show will go on to Franciscan monastery in Northern Czech city Kadan.
20.6. – MichalFest – the opening of the multi-genre festival taking place in fascinating ancient structures of “Dul Michal“ in Michalovice.
28.6. – “Wild Mint festival” one of the biggest rock, world and jazz music festivals in Russia which takes place near Tula city, on the banks of river Oka.
While you are writing down in your calendar how to get to any of the events mentioned above, here are some pictures from previous concerts.
2015 with Noha in Brno_22
2015 with Noha in Brno_082015 with Noha in Brno_21

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