Gavrilo Aleksic (Gavi) 1980 – electric & acoustic bass (fretted and fretless)
Permanent member.

Born in Bosnia. His childhood and early music years were during the Yugoslav wars. He grew up listening to funk, rock and blues and took inspiration from bands such as Jimi Hendrix, the Police, Pink Floyd, Cream, the Doors, Deep Purple and so on.

He started music by playing guitar and then gradually switched to the bass.
Through the years he has developed his own specific style that creates a percussive and dynamic sense of rhythm and while coupled with drums, it creates a full-body rhythm section that brings the music to life.
This non-traditional approach can be heard in the latest records of the band.
Gavi uses heavy flat plectrums.

                                                          Petr Hadr (Hadroš) 1990 — Drumset
Permanent member

Started playing guitar at the age of 11 and soon established his first band but gradually got to play drums as was demanded by the band with whom he plays till today.

He tries to be above-genre in his music and experiments with various styles. His drums playing (in conjunction with bass) have a critical role in Shahab’s music, which mainly focuses on the body of complex rhythm and accents.
Hadroš mainly plays a 5-piece Drumset.