Tom HerjanDrama Jacqua                                               Is the pseudonym of drummer, producer and electronic experimenter Thom Herian.
His style is based on fast and multi-layered breakbeat, DnB, jungle and free techno in which he samples various multifaceted motifs inspired by the popular music, movie soundtracks, or creates his own layers based on world music.
He studied percussion at the conservatory and became acquainted with the principles of classical, contemporary classical music and jazz. his specialised fast break-beat grooves is inspired by Johnny Raab, Benny Greb, or JoJo Mayer.
He works as drummer in the projects N.O.H.A, Sato-San To, S.O.I.L, Montage, Segundo, Feng Jung Song & Trio PUO, Why Not Patterns RTM, Merak, Mikkim, Cartonnage or Jitka Charvátová… 

in 2015 he joined “Shahab Tolouie Trio” as a permanent member on drums.

Jaroslav KovarikJaroslav «Jatra» Kovarik
The passion for rhythm led him to the bass and contrabass. Playing a solid groove alongside great musicians and for good audiences is a highly addictive experience which never fades away.
He was always gravitated to dance styles such as DnB, jungle, dubstep, as well as more classic styles such as salsa, son and Cuban rhythms for their authenticity. one of the strongest inspirations for him was Eric Truffaz concert. its compact, lively and precise rhythm (Marello Giuliani on bass and Marc Erbeta on drums) showed him that the broken beats, DnB and jungle can also be played live. In his search for bass sound possibilities (such as those heard from producer Roni Size, Ed Rush, Noisia or Mefjus) he was most inspired by John Davis “the Nerve” and Chris Hargreaves “Submotional Orchestra”. They opened him a new horizon to the role of a bassist within a band and gave shape to his own way of playing multi-layered bass lines and working with real-time effects live on stage.
He graduated from Prague Conservatory “Jaroslav Jezek” in the field of bass and contrabass. Besides jazz he also studied Afro-Cuban rhythms.
He has been working with Thom Herian since 2002 and together (as “Játra&Herian” rhythm section) they played in numerous projects such as N.O.H.A. Sato-san To, Segundo, RTM, Mikkim…  

in 2015 he joined “Shahab Tolouie Trio” as a permanent member on bass