We are delighted to announce the international release of “Let Me Die”, both as single and videoclip. The song has been composed by Shahab Tolouie at the beginning of 2017. The lyrics is a beautiful ghazal by the prominent Iranian contemporary poet, lyricist and activist, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature, the late Simin Behbahani, whose birthday is on July 19th.
This is not the first time Shahab chooses ghazal to blend in with his distinguish Persian-flamenco fusion. He has already shown his capacity of organically connecting this important Iranian form of poetry from such musters as Hafez Shirazi and Moulana Rumi into his music style.
This time a more contemporary form of ghazal by Mrs. Behbahani inspired a new compositional experiments, where music is based on 7/8 guitar and bass groove with very distinctive short strokes to accentuate the start/stops which occasionally switches to 4/4 with the same tone for the singing part.
One of the earliest reviews says: “Shahab once again put his music to the brink of danger to create a moment in art to remember” — Mohammad Zarghami, journalist at Radio Farda.
Shahab has composed the music, sang the lead vocal and played on triple-neck guitar, 12 string guitar and drums.
The song features well known Iranian musician Habib Meftah Boushehri on — percussions and back vocals, as well as the band members: Tomáš Vychytil on electric guitar, Gavrilo Aleksič on electric bass and Tokhi on percussions. All the band members took part also in the videoclip.
Use Shahab’s official youtube channel to watch the video:

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