Shahab Tolouie recently announced that the new record is on its way. “The second album is almost ready.” he said “That’ll be done soon.”

The new album follows in the Ethno-Flamenco vein while bearing the legacy of Shahab’s 3-year quest for new sounds. By looking deeper into the aspect of rhythm, Shahab has gone for tight and dynamic arrangements reflecting the pace of modern life, yet as lucid and transparent as Persian unison melody. Each song is a reflection of impressions of Shahab’s years living in Europe, distilled into those structures and sounds that express them best for this recording.

His last invention (the triple-neck FuseTar) that’s been used for recording of this album is a hybrid instrument in which, for the first time ever, the traditional Persian Setar is in tète-à-tète with  other instruments endemic to a large region from the Middle East to Europe.

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